Why you should choose Lemonface Deco for your wedding decor

Choosing the right wedding decor for your big day can be hard. Like really hard. It’s mind of a minefield out there because there are so many ideas that it’s overwhelming. Not only is there a lot to choose from in terms of the actual items but it’s very hard to choose a theme/style in the first place given that so many people will try to tell you whats fashionable, what’s classy and what’s not. Ultimately the choice is yours and what someone else hates should be irrelevant. There are some things you should however ensure are kept to a high standard and this is something that Lemonface Deco rank very highly when it comes to planning wedding decor.

It’s very easy these days to find stock images of everything and anything so by using our own photographs we ensure that the images you see are 100% representative of the items we will provide you on your wedding day. Everything you see on our website or in our catalogue is our own work so you won’t find any discrepancies between what we say we do and what we actually do.

The wedding business is something we are very passionate about and by acting with integrity we hope that this is strongly reflected and our clients are happy knowing we wouldn’t rather be doing anything else. We don’t do this because we have to but because we want to.

Coming up with new ideas for wedding decor is something we are even doing in our sleep and we have a lot of fun being imaginative and trying to think of things that will make our clients weddings more and more magical. Having experienced many weddings here in Marbella and other places too, we have learnt that the possibilities are endless once you get started. Some of our ideas are very ambitious but we don’t let that stop us – anything can be achieved with thought, passion and hard work.

Once a decor idea has been conceived we get to work on the production side of things which involves a lot of fun (and one or two headaches sometimes…!). We design and build from scratch and try to make sure that all or most of the elements in our decor are original.

Whether it’s making perspex sign written table numbers/names, nature walls, romantic arches or giant polaroid frames for photo opportunities we work with the best professionals on the Costa del Sol and that includes external parties that we love to recommend such as photographers and make up artists.

Eager to always have some fresh ideas and new decor to provide we are always thinking of new items to add to our catalogue. Items that dress a venue with subtlety such as personalised candle holders or altar options that create a wow factor for you and your guests. Keen to avoid rules we also try to think outside the box so that your wedding will not look like everyone else’s.

Having such a wide range of items means that we are very flexible when it comes to your budget and this is something we relish – keeping wedding decor inclusive.

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