Marbella event decoration

It seems these days that your wedding is not just ‘a day’, it’s an event. A showstopper. A spectacle. And whether we like it or not there are expectations from guests and frankly anyone who is likely to see your wedding photos. Even with the smallest of budgets couples are expected to consider the decor almost like a theatre producer has to consider detailed set design to create wow factor and set the scene.

Obviously flowers usually play a huge part in the decor but that’s standard. You may have fairy lights and/or candles but these are expected too. If you are looking for ideas to make your event THE event here are some of our new items to choose from…

Round Arch

This is the most photographed part of the event so you will want this to be perfect and a reflection of who you are as a couple. We can decorate it for you however you like and it is also available as a DIY option so you can customise it yourself if you have an idea in mind. This is where you will stand and kiss while pictures are taken so be sure to consider this piece and how you want it to look.

Smoke Bombs

These are a huge hit for weddings and here’s why. They create a stunning scene for photography and just for wedding guests to enjoy generally. They don’t stain clothes or leave any residue in what may be an expensive wedding venue, it’s just coloured smoke. You simply prep your photographer and guests if necessary, set the stage, light the bomb like a candle and take as many pics as you like. Make sure everyone is prepared as you only have 60 seconds before the spectacle is over. Loud fireworks are out – these bombs don’t make a noise and come in different colours depending on stock.

Chillout Area

It might not be all party, party, party and some guests at your wedding may be reunited having not seen each other for years. After all your wedding will bring people together and they may enjoy a chilled area to sit, talk and laugh. This idea is great for beach or garden weddings where a relaxed atmosphere is required. Picture the scene with low reclaimed wood tables, Moroccan pouffes and cushions combined with candles and lanterns and any other items of decor that you want.

Green Wall

Whatever the theme of your event a green wall adds immediate charm. They are the perfect backdrop for photography, whether it’s the happy couple or just your guests posing, the nature wall behind them will look amazing. It can also incorporate a table plan/seating plan or maybe even some champagne or shot glasses.

We are always coming up with new decor ideas for your wedding or event and if you have seen something specific that you like just get in touch and we can discuss this with you. We pride ourselves on being up to date with the various wedding/event trends and love an opportunity to expand our arsenal of decor items.

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