To beach or not to beach? That is the question…

If you are lucky enough to be considering having your wedding somewhere as beautiful as Marbella on the Costa del Sol then it’s fair to assume that one of the locations on the shortlist is the beach.

The soft sand, the cloudless Marbella skies, the waves crashing dramatically in the background. It’s all very idyllic… until you come to the planning stage and reality comes knocking. Let’s be honest – the practical side of planning a beach wedding has its challenges but if you really want to go for a beach location venue then as long as you have planned it well and chosen a well-prepared wedding decor company such as Lemonface Deco there will be no problems.

So let’s start talking about why having a Marbella beach wedding is SUCH a good idea…

1. The setting!

It kind of goes without saying – we all pause at those Marbella beach pics on Instagram and sigh while getting our 6th coffee of the morning and staring wistfully at the rain outside. A beach with stunning decor provides the most perfect backdrop to all your amazing wedding photos and you will cherish the image of the moment you say “I do” with nature’s bounty framing the photo.

2. Value

Because you are not paying for an official wedding venue (lets just say the venues in Marbella don’t always come cheap) you can keep costs to a minimum. Factor in chair rental, decor, and an official to marry you both and you’re kind of good to go!

3. Comfort

Wedding nerves are pretty much unavoidable. Consider the Marbella beaches to be nature’s spa! It calms naturally and you and your guests will also be wearing much comfier clothes that are appropriate for the beach. You may end up choosing a really bohemian dress which is very en vogue at the moment and goes beautifully with that style of wedding decor. Think lace and palm prints, a more relaxed approach to a wedding that has just as much glamour but with much more ease.

4. Decor

Less decor may be needed as the beach speaks for itself. You can choose some really pretty chair decor, maybe an arch and some personalised signs pointing your guests in the right direction. Don’t assume that you SHOULD have less decor but maybe just consider what that decor may be – for example do not choose tall vases, mirrors or decor items that are likely to break. Marbella is known for it’s glam lifestyle so trust Lemonface Deco to really understand what will be appropriate on the day.

5. Choice

There are so many beaches to choose from that you can pick literally the most perfect spot. You don’t have to worry about walking round ‘perfect’ venues only to discover that a loud air conditioning duct is spoiling the reception area. You can tailor the location to suit your vision of how you want your wedding to look and in Marbella you will most definitely be spoilt for choice.

It may not be easy managing your wedding whether you live in Marbella or not – but the wedding decor shouldn’t be a hassle. Having lived and worked in Marbella for over 10 years the driving force behind Lemonface Deco, Camila and John know what you want before you do and can tailor any style to any budget. Take the drama away from your day and trust Lemonface Deco to do what they do best.

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