Marbella weddings are some of the most glam in the world and over the years celebrities have flocked to the Costa del Sol for this very reason. Marbella weddings in general are usually quite decadent and glamorous and have the wedding decor to boot. But where do kids come into all this? It can be fun hunting for adorable outfits for the little ones or including them in the wedding procession by having them throw rose petals before you walk down the aisle. But what happens at the dinner or when the adults are revelling into the night?! Will parents find it hard managing children all the time and would the bride and groom be ok with them running riot amongst candles, flowers and all the other decor?

Weddings have historically been inclusive events and places like Marbella are very family- orientated so there is no reason why they cannot be included and even perhaps form part of the decor themselves. We have a custom designed kids area for the little ones to enjoy. Kids won’t be bored at all with all the grown-up chat and you and your guests can party on without worrying. We have a teepee which is always a huge decor talking point both for kids AND adults and will keep kids entertained and happy for a long time. As well as the rough and tumble there are quieter pursuits like colouring books and personalised bottles of bubbles which add to the romance and fairytale feeling of the event’s decor.

We can make sure that if kids are coming to your Marbella wedding the decor is slightly more tailored to this and therefore safer. For example we can provide battery powered candles to reduce the risk of fire. Kids will also love the photo booth area and with lots of fun props and decor to play with they will be giggling the night away. They will surely also love a sweetie table and this is another prime area to add decor to so that it is glam and in keeping with the wedding but also more entertainment for the little ones.

If guests are coming to Marbella specifically for your wedding but have kids then it is likely that they will be making a holiday of the trip and one the whole family can enjoy. Don’t limit the amount of guests by banning kids entirely but rather include them in the day and allow us to help you create ways to ensure that everybody is catered for.

Creating stunning decor for Marbella weddings is what we do and whether or not you decide you want kids at your Marbella wedding we can cater to your needs entirely.

If you want kids at your wedding but don’t know which decor items to choose in case they get damaged or aren’t safe let us talk you through that. We have provided decor for many weddings in Marbella and beyond and can put your mind at ease so that you can rest assured your Marbella wedding will be up there with some of the best!

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